Building Inspections


The Building Department handles inspections for all permits, including new building construction, additions and remodeling projects, including:

  • Structural elements (footings, framing)
  • Plumbing (new and replacement fixtures, including water heaters)
  • Mechanical (heating, cooling, gas piping and ventilation)
  • Electrical systems (residential only)


Permits are required for:

  • New decks or deck structural support repair
  • Signs (commercial and residential zoning districts)
  • Moving or demolishing a structure
  • Fire alarm systems and fire sprinkler systems
  • Pools which are 24 inches or taller

A Miscellaneous Permit is also required for the following:

  • New fences or replacement fences
  • New sidewalk or driveway installation (call to see if replacement requires a permit)
  • Windows that are not the same size as the existing window or when an egress window is required by the Building Code

Further Responsibilities

Other responsibilities of the department include:

  • Plan review and Building Code enforcement
  • Inspecting housing complaints
  • Maintaining special inspection reports