Finance & Utility Billing

The Finance and Utility Billing staff are responsible for all aspects of the City's finances (payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivable), as well as billing and receiving payments for the utility services provided directly by the City of Blair (water and waste water services).

Water Rates

The City of Blair owns and operates the entire municipal water system, including the water treatment plant along the Missouri River, two underground water reservoirs (large storage tanks), one elevated water tower, and the water distribution system that is interconnected throughout the City. Property owners own and are responsible for the primary water shutoff (the stop box) located on their service line near the right-of-way, as well as the service line that runs from the stop box to their water meter.

The water meter itself is leased from the City and is part of the monthly water bill. The minimum water usage fee starts at $8.40 and will vary depending on the size of your water meter.

Sewer Rates

The City of Blair also owns and operates the entire sanitary sewer System, including the waste water treatment plant along the Missouri River and the waste water collection system. The rates and charges for the use of the municipal sewer system are based upon the water usage for each water user whose waste is discharged into the sanitary sewers of the City of Blair (no charge for customers with a septic system).

The rates and charges are set by the City Council and are computed as a percentage of the monthly water charge. The minimum sewer usage fees are $13 for residential service and $30 for commercial services.

Questions or Complaints

If you have any questions or complaints concerning water or sewer billing, discontinuance of service, procedures for discontinuance of service, general water service questions and/or would like to establish an account for water and sewer service for either a residential or commercial property in Blair, please contact the Water Department.