The Mayor is responsible for overseeing all aspects of city government and executing policies, including:

  • Ensuring that all city services are delivered in an effective, efficient, and equitable manner.
  • Serving as the primary outreach arm of the city government to other cities and other government entities.

List of former Mayors and Council members (PDF)

Greeting from the Mayor

From the founding of Blair in 1869 up to present day, the community of Blair has served as a transportation hub and a center for business, agriculture and industry.  Surrounded by the rolling hills of the Missouri River Valley, Blair's quality of life has been and will always be a priority, making this city a fine place to call home.  With recent investments in our parks, library, infrastructure and a strong school system, Blair is committed to providing quality services to the people of Blair and creating opportunity for the next generation.

Blair is located on the Missouri River twenty minutes north of Omaha and stands at the crossroads of US Highway 30, US Highway 75 and Nebraska Highway 91.  This prime location offers easy access to Interstate 29, Interstate 80 and the Missouri River.  Access to rail service is available in Blair and the Blair Executive Airport is an actively expanding airport supporting general aviation, jet and charter services.

Blair boasts a variety of businesses and employment opportunities, from local individually-owned retail businesses to major international corporations.  Medical services, including emergency and trauma care, are provided locally by Memorial Community Hospital and Health System.  Our citizens are protected by the Blair Volunteer Fire and Rescue and by the vigilance of the Blair Police Department.

The people of Blair embrace a rich history while building towards a bright future.  We take pride in meeting challenges, have a tradition of volunteer service, and are always working to make our community the best it can be.

As mayor of Blair, I look forward to welcoming you to our community.  For those that currently live in Blair and help make our city one of the finest in Nebraska, welcome home!

Mayor Mindy Rump