Canine Program

Blair Police Department
Teka Service Dates: April, 2004 – March, 2011

The Blair Police Department established our Canine Team in the spring of 2004 to serve as a support unit available to assist officers with various duties.

Sergeant Travis Lyon has been our Canine Handler since that time. Our first Canine was, “Teka” a female Belgian Malinois who served as Lyon’s partner until she was retired for medical reasons in March, 2011. Teka passed away February 9, 2012. She is missed.

“Duke”, a young male Belgian Malinois joined our Department shortly thereafter and serves both as a Police Service Dog and Narcotics Detection Dog.

The Blair Police Canine Team has proven to be a valuable asset to our Department and the community. Not only is the Team used to assist officers in the field by tracking suspects or missing persons, but they also assist in apprehensions and are capable of searching buildings and locating evidence.

Duke is trained to recognize the odor of narcotics including: marijuana, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and other drugs. The Canine Team is required to train regularly and renew their Nebraska State Certification annually.


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